Be well rehearsed: Having your parts down whether it be the drums, guitar, vocals, etc… keeps the sessions flowing smoothly which makes the overall process much more enjoyable. Having to play a certain part over and over again to get it right causes frustration and effects the overall quality of the finished product. Simply put, being prepared will make your record the best it can be!


Have your guitar/bass setup with new strings: A guitar or bass which is poorly intonated can be very frustrating while tracking. It causes tracking time to take much longer and in most cases over use of editing is required which isn’t always the desired feeling you would want your music to have. A properly setup guitar or bass makes for a nice work flow, so together we can focus on playing the parts well rather than focusing on constantly tuning. New strings are especially important because the tone of your guitar or bass will be at it’s best which will again make your record sound the best it can sound!


Have new drums skins, sticks and no cracked or broken cymbols: Much like guitars and basses, having new skins on your drums will make them sound the best they can sound. Tuning new skins takes much less time to make them sound good over tuning old worn out skins. This will allow us to spend more time getting a great performance! The sound of broken or cracked cymbols will stick out on your recording like a sore thumb, and who wants that?


Vocal warmups: Before tracking vocals we’ll do a 30 minute warm up to ensure your voice is ready to lay down the performance of a lifetime. Making sure your vocals are prepared for tracking is just as important, if not more, than having new strings on a guitar or new skins on the drums!


Overall Studio Etiquette: While tracking is in progress it is important that people are respectful of whoever may be tracking their parts and remain quiet.  It’s also important to be silent so Adam can properly hear what’s being tracked.  In order for Adam to be able to do his job the best he can he needs to be able to clearly hear the music without background talking noise. Again, it’s all about making the best recording possible!

Cleaning up after yourselves after each session is also important! Be sure to dispose of any garbage before you leave the studio so Adam or Matt don’t have to do it for you.

All matters of money and finances will be discussed with Adam and Matt’s manager Julia Stone.  It is important that the music and the money are kept separate!  So if you have any questions about payment, payment plans or how to make your payment just email Julia at jstonemanagement@gmail.com



[h1]Adam and Matt want the best for your project and your career as an artist. Following this simple guideline will guarantee you a great sounding record that you’ll be proud of![/h1]