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[h1]If you would like to book time, ask about rates, or just have miscellaneous questions, feel free to contact Adam using the form below. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible![/h1]

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We have had the pleasure of recording our EP at Newcomb Studios over the last 6 months.  All we can say is that we are blown away by the commitment & comfortable working atmosphere that Adam creates.  Due to his hard work our first single charted in the Top 100 on the North American Country iTunes Charts!  Without the professionalism & attention to detail of the Newcomb brothers, none of this would have been possible.  Forever grateful & highly recommend![client_name]Matt Williams – Western Avenue[/client_name]

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Adam as a producer and writer for 2 years and have always counted on him for excellence. He delivers every time with a finished project better than you could’ve aspired for. Adam Newcomb will allow you to meet your fullest potential, and even guide you there with his absolute best efforts. I will never pursue music without his involvement; it would not be the same.[client_name]Derek Dowling – Message Through Motion[/client_name]

Other than being an all round cool human being, Adam Newcomb is a true professional. He gets the best out of the artists he produces and his efficient and productive style of engineering creates great album after great album.  Adam’s ability to move effortlessly between genres is a testiment of his honest and strong musicianship.[client_name]Lindsay Bar – Lindsay Barr Band[/client_name]
Our experience working with Adam over the past 8 plus years has been incomparable. He is easily one of the hardest working, most professional and talented people I have ever met and the results really speak for themselves. I can’t remember how many times other bands, agents, labels etc. have asked where we got our recordings done and everytime they’re blow away by what this guy can do and immediately want the contact to start booking their own projects. Simply put, he’s just the best![client_name]Ryan Hutcheson – Gentlemen Husbands[/client_name]