Slow Hands - Niall Horan Cover

by Tennyson Wolf | Slow Hands Cover

If You Only Knew

by Runaway Angel | No End In Sight

The Whiskey Ain't Killin' Me

by Jeff Forgeron | The Whiskey Ain't Killin' Me - EP

Christmas Party Song

by Various Artists | From Us, To You

Love It Up

by Tyler Lorette | Love It Up - Single



If you’re a song writer and need a demo recorded to showcase your song idea(s), Adam would be happy to assist you with that. Together, we’ll makes sure your ideas come across the best way possible.


Before recording a single, EP, or LP, the most important step is pre production. Together, we’ll develop the vision and plan for the song(s) to ensure your music deeply connects with your audience.


Production sometimes means adding elements to a track to enhance the song. Sometimes it means not adding or even taking away elements from a track to ensure the song(s) come across in the most effective way.  Adam is here to help you with this process.


The mixing stage is where Adam will take your recorded song and enhance the emotion, feel, and impact of your song. After your song is mixed by Adam, it will not only stand out, but more importantly it will connect with the listener on a deep and powerful level.


If you’re producing a track and think “Hey, I need an electric guitar added to my song.” Adam can help you with that!  Simply send him your song, and then Adam will record the part and send it back. Voila!  Here’s a list of instruments you can get remotely tracked for you…

  • Piano
  • Bass Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Drum Programming
  • Synth Programming
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin


Simply put, the mastering stage is the cherry on top.  Adam will take your mixed song and give it that extra bit of sheen and polish so that it translates to your audience in the best way.



Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you!

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